Traditional Polishing System

Traditional polishing of concrete and terrazzo has been the method of choice throughout the history of refining cementitious surfaces. Universal Polishing Systems has designed and developed a complete line of tooling and chemistry to work most efficiently within the process of traditional polishing under heavy equipment, wet or dry. We have all the components from start to finish.

  • PCD tools for medium to heavy coating removal
  • Segmented metal bonded tools for light coating removal and heavy to light grinding
  • Our exclusive (Guaranteed To Outperform) GTO HYBRID Semi-metal tooling, THE series of tooling that has rocketed to the forefront as the standard in the industry for which other diamond tooling is judged. Excellent transition tool to use between metals and finishing tools
  • Our exclusive phenolic bond matrix is an excellent finishing diamond pad from 400 grit to 3000 grit. A dry only tool that does not transfer resin to the concrete creating a great distinction of image and gloss.
  • Our fully impregnated diamond Hurricane Pads, great for cleaning surfaces between grits with auto-scrubbers and the longest lasting, user friendly, economical burnishing tool in the market.
  • Concentrated Diamond Glass Densifier (Lithium Silicate)
  • Ready to use Diamond Glass Sealer, provides long lasting protection and outstanding clarity.

With the right combination of tooling and chemistry, Universal Polishing Systems has the capability to retro fit virtually any piece of equipment on the market.

To learn more about how our Diamond Glass Traditional Polishing System can work for you and your equipment please feel free to reach out to any one of our concrete and terrazzo refinement and maintenance specialists!

Recommended Machines

Traditional Floor Grinder

Automatic Floor Scrubber

Active and Passive Planetary Power Trowel Machine

High Speed Burnisher