Hurricane Maintenance System

Polished concrete and terrazzo has always been a low maintenance flooring solution but until now, never has the industry educated the market on a proper, simple and inexpensive system to maintain the beauty and integrity of the surface.  Our Diamond Glass Hurricane Maintenance System is that solution.



Our components are the Diamond Glass CMR (Cleaner, Maintainer, Refurbisher), a balanced ph detergent with surfactants that not only loosen the soils in the surface but hold the soils in solution for superior cleaning.  The Diamond Glass CMR is much more than a cleaner, it contains a small amount of densifier in the formula which reacts with open scratches from normal traffic on concrete or terrazzo to continually shut down and harden the surface making scheduled cleaning easy but also creates a perpetual re-polish system to maintain the original reflection and integrity of the floor to +/- 5% of its original finish. Combined with our fully impregnated diamond Hurricane Pads, the Diamond Glass Hurricane Maintenance System is the ideal choice in maintaining ANY polished concrete or terrazzo floor!



To learn more about the Diamond Glass Hurricane Maintenance process and how we can retro fit ANY on-site maintenance equipment you already have, please feel free to contact us directly or by email. One of our experienced concrete and terrazzo refinement and maintenance specialists will gladly answer any and all questions you might have!

Recommended Machines

Small Sized Auto Scrubbers

Medium Sized Auto Scrubbers

Large Industrial Sized Auto Scrubbers