Hybrid Bond Tooling

Series 07 – Hybrid Bond Tooling

Hybrid Bond Tooling

Series 07 – GTO Hybrid Bond Tooling


The 07 Series diamond tooling is a matrix of high quality abrasive diamonds bonded with a proprietary mix of various metals and resins designed for long life, exceptional durability, high flexibility and incomparable scratch removal. The GTO Hybrids are designed for wet or dry applications and the face design provides excellent channeling for dust or slurry. The consistency of performance is outstanding. The manufacturing process ensures even distribution of abrasives through the resin adding to the longevity and performance of the tooling. The 07 Series of transitional tooling is Guaranteed To Outperform any transitional diamond tooling on the market.


The 07 Series is an excellent transitional diamond generally used between aggressive metal tooling and higher grit resin bond tools. These Hybrid tools are unsurpassed in scratch removal usually caused by aggressive metals commonly used in the first few steps of the polishing process. The GTO Hybrid is also an excellent choice where very little or no aggregate should be exposed. The flexibility of the pad follows the contour of the surface making it an ideal choice on wavy or undulated surfaces.


The 07 Series GTO Hybrid Bond is an ideal tool on concrete and terrazzo surfaces or natural stone surfaces. The variety of sizes available provides the ideal tool for grinding, refining and polishing floors and edges, countertops and architectural accessories. Please refer to the “Ra Chart for Traditional System” for recommended RPM’s and Maximum Refinement Ra’s.


3 MM

Size Available
Grits Available
Coverage Rates

8,000 – 12,000 square feet



** Coverage can vary from surface to surface depending on roughness, porosity and density of the medium being applied. Application technique can also vary the coverage. Wet grinding will usually extend the life of the tooling.